Hawkins Electric’s Core Values

  1. Our Employees: Are the most important part of our business. Happy employees make happy customers. Our people will treat each other the way they would want to be treated: “The Golden Rule,” with respect and dignity.
  2. Our Customers: Are always treated respectfully, fairly and honestly. Our customers are our lifeblood, without customers we do not have a business. We go out of our way each and every day to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  3. Safety: We are always performing our work in a safe manner. We want everyone to go home at the end of each day safe and sound.
  4. Positive Image: Always look our best. Dress in uniform or professional business attire. Our hair and beards are kept neat and clean. Our vehicles are to be kept clean and organized.
  5. Sense of Urgency: We approach each project to move at an urgent pace. However, we are mindful to move at a pace that provides excellent workmanship and does not sacrifice safety for our employees or customers.
  6. Highest Quality: We always provide the highest quality product in the industry. We do the job right the first time, every time.
  7. Communication: This is the key to our success. Communicating with each other and our customers with good news, bad news, or no news will separate us from our competitors.
  8. Appreciation: We appreciate our teammates and our customers.
  9. Innovation: We are always looking for a better way of doing our job. We are always looking to stay on the cutting edge with technology, safety and the future of the electrical trade.
  10. Celebration: We will celebrate our successes. We strive to be the best electrical team in the business.