electric vehicle in a charging dock

Electric vehicles (EV)

Electric vehicles (EV) are on the move – from drawing boards to showrooms and gaining popularity with consumers. Where charging stations were once limited to municipal buildings and highways, now they’re popping up at retail locations, hospitality facilities, and restaurants, and for good reason. One-quarter of EV charging takes place away from home.

To keep up with this rising demand for charging, Hawkins Electric Service is at the forefront of facilitating this amenity for our residential and commercial clients. To encourage the distribution of this new infrastructure, there are those that want to contribute financially to see these projects become a reality. Federal, State, and local power companies are willing to contribute to this cause and help with funding. These grants and credits will not last forever. With no obligation, set up an appointment with us to answer any questions and to see if your location will be acceptable to “host” an EV charging solution.

You may be eligible to receive ALL or some of the below credits, rebates, and grants.

  • Federal Tax Credit
  • Maryland State Rebate
  • Delmarva Power Rebate
  • Electric Corridors Grant Program
  • Charge Ahead Grant Program

How Hawkins Electric Service Inc. Makes Electric Vehicle Charging Installations Simple:

  1. Assess your unique needs with an industry expert – in person, not virtually, and provide a quote.
  2. Help you calculate any rebates, grants, or tax credits you may be eligible for.
  3. Provide alternative hardware vendors – we are NOT locked into any one manufacturer!
  4. Deploy our team to complete the installation.
  5. Our software vendor will then train you on point-of-sale options and eCommerce and instruct you on how to monitor your electric service.