close-up shot of a ceiling fan

Ceiling / Exhaust Fans

As the cost of running air conditioning continues to rise, fan cooling systems have become more popular.  Whether you want to use fans to complement your AC or rely on its cooling breezes exclusively, you’ll love the comfort of a well-circulated, breezy home in the sunny summer months.

With the wide variety of options available, it’s a good idea to call the experts at Hawkins to decide what would be the most suitable for your home. Hawkins Electric Service has been taking care of all types of fans with a multitude of applications since the early days of electricity. You can trust us with installation, service, or repair.

Ceiling Fans
Older ceiling fans can be replaced with more efficient, modern versions or we can make sure that your old classic is in top condition. We can also run new wiring or a new control system.

Attic Fans
An attic fan is designed to lower the temperature of an attic by exhausting hot air from the attic and replacing it with fresh outdoor air. This will increase the life of the roof and keep attic insulation from trapping heat and moisture. It will also help reduce the temperature of the top floor of the home.

Whole House Fans
Whole house fans are used to cool a house at night when the outdoor temperature has dropped to a comfortable level. Just open the windows and turn the whole house fan on; your home will completely circulate in the fresh outdoor air in just minutes.

Exhaust Fans
A bath exhaust fan, when properly sized and ventilated, draws out stale, impure, and very humid air, improving quality of indoor air and protecting the surfaces of the bathroom from mold, mildew, rust, and cracking paint and wallpaper. Exhaust fans can also prevent deterioration of the joists and framing above the bathroom.

An exhaust hood or exhaust fan located in the kitchen will remove airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, odors, heat, and steam . . . and it may help prevent you from setting off the fire alarm when you leave the potatoes in the oven too long.